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EDIMAEG Iris-Confidential GSM Watch



The TMD-750 is the world's first Iris confidential Gsm watch away from snoop. Nothing on the screen, must wear a special Iris. Surreptitiously watch only you, dark screen same as OFF, and surreptitiously listening(need earpiece), message and images share with your team, and nothing on the body. 
2M covert camera inside(only TMD-750C), physical resolution no Interpolated resolution, 1600*1200, shoot clear max 60*60 cm size font 7 and 8, or 100*100 cm size font 9 and 10. 
The covert watch offers the best communications solution at times when secrecy and privacy are of paramount importance. For example, Surveillance, VIP Protection, Investigation, etc. The technical specifications of individual components allow them to be used with a wide range of personal radios.
In the professional security field, this new Iris-confidential Gsm watch will be highly appreciated by security forces and special army units. EDIMAEG TMD-750 allows you to inform command and alert your team, without them carrying visible communications.
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Eproduct features
● Nothing on the screen, only you after wear the TMD-750L Iris 
● An real mobile phone, GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz ,with 120 hours of standby time
● Emil real-time message and images, share with your friends
● 2M camera (only TMD-750C) 
● Bluetooth
● Capacitive touch screens

●Covert operation for security authority
●Broad cast agency
●Public security department
●Lottery industry

Note: TMD-750C 2M cameras is physical resolution no Interpolated resolution, 1600*1200, can shoot about max 60*60 cm size  font 7 and 8,  or 100*100 cm size font 9 and 10.  CCD/CMOS camera less than 10*10 cm size font 7 and 8

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