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Radio Code Scanner 1520

Code scanner 1520 uses RF to scan Encoder' address code. It's suitable for most of Encoder/Decoder ICs in international market, usually taking no more than 7 minutes to get their address codes. These ICs are widely used in the following occasions: automobile anti-theft, safe door and so on.
While Code scanner 1520 working, it can simultaneously scan in the frequency range from 10MHz~1.8GHz,so it's quite different from those previous equipments. With it, operator don't have to know the exact configuration.
Suitable types of Encoder/Decoder are as the following; 
PT2260/70, PT2262/72, VD5026/27, MC145026/27, ET206/7, YYH26/27, KD12D/E, HT12E/D, LF801/LJ801, YN5103/5203, UM3758, BA5104/5204, HT640/644L, HT6015/35/50, UM3750, ZH8901, MC145030, UM3758-180, LC219, LC2190, BA5101, TC9148, TA7333P, TM703

RF Transmitter Key-Chain

Radio Code Interceptor 275


RF Encoder-Copier 350

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